BSA Capstone – Developing a transparent application and award system for publication fee waivers

Briana Gross and Amy McPherson

The goal of this project is to develop a standardized application for APC (Article Publication Charges) waivers and a transparent set of criteria to govern how APC waivers are awarded.

Authors in “the hard middle” are often not provided any assistance from waivers or institutions. This includes authors from middle-income countries with a GDP too high to qualify for an automatic waiver (i.e., Mexico, Brazil, India) and authors from high-income countries but without grant/institutional funds for APCs (i.e., early career scientists, scientists and primarily-undergraduate institutions, and scientists at underfunded institutions).

This project aims to make the application and award process transparent and accessible, so that all eligible authors will recognize their potential to recieve an ACP waiver. It will also make the publication process more equitable, because authors will not be excluded from APPS based on APCs. This will also help increase the institutional and georgraphic diversity of our author pool.

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