On April 14, 2023, ROOT & SHOOT exhibited at MANRRS37, the national conference organized by the Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Related Sciences, in Atlanta, Georgia.

Staffing the booth were Crispin Taylor, ASPB CEO and ROOT & SHOOT co-PI; Andrea Gomez, MSc Student in Plant Pathology and NC State University and member of APS; and Marcia Puig-Lluch, ROOT & SHOOT Program Facilitator.

Picture ID: A booth with flyers, tote bags, and other giveaways. Behind the booth are our grad student volunteer and program co-PI.

The conference was attended by around 1,800 attendees, primarily undergraduate and graduate students. We had a variety of handouts with information about the RCN, opportunities to get involved, and materials for those interested in careers in plant science. We also had giveaways such as tote bags, seed sticky note pads, and stickers.

Flyers included:

Many of the attendees who stopped by the booth were environmental studies majors or had a passing interest in plant science; Andrea was able to go into more detail about what it’s like to study plant pathology. Folks were particularly interested in the 2024 Travel Awards offered to MANRRS (and SACNAS) members. It was helpful to have the list of DEI resources, which included links to the Changing Cultures and Climates Anti-Racism Toolkit and the Inclusive Science Communication Starter Kit. Those who stopped by the booth who had no connection to the plant sciences were still able to get information that they could take back to their networks.

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