By Carolina Ballén-Taborda.

I was honored to volunteer at the ROOT & SHOOT exhibit booth at the 2024 MANRRS Annual Conference.

The opportunity arose when I received an email from ASPB seeking volunteers to assist at the
booth, and I decided to apply. I thought it could be an excellent opportunity to share my
experience in the sciences as I am from an underrepresented group, and it is always fun to meet and learn from others who share the passion for plant sciences! It was my first time attending a MANRRS Conference, and it exceeded my expectations. It was a truly remarkable and unique experience for several reasons!

Firstly, the conference provided a forum for individuals from diverse backgrounds, career stages, and career interests, making it incredibly exciting to engage in conversation with everyone. The conference created a vibrant and inclusive environment where everyone could be heard and feel part of.

Secondly, hosting the ROOT & SHOOT Booth alongside Marcia Puig-Lluch and Mohit Mahey was a pleasure. We had the opportunity to discuss our previous experiences and future career aspirations. Most importantly, we shared with attendees about the ROOT & SHOOT NSF funded initiative developed by seven plant science organizations to promote plant sciences and ways to increase inclusivity and diversity at conferences. ROOT & SHOOT excels at providing opportunities for underrepresented individuals in the plant sciences.

ROOT & SHOOT, I extend my heartfelt gratitude for this opportunity. I highly recommend that everyone stay tuned to ROOT & SHOOT for future updates and opportunities.









Marcia Puig-Lluch hosting the ROOT & SHOOT booth.







Welcome to MANRRS!


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