by Mohit Mahey

I first heard about ROOT & SHOOT through an email from ASPB. The chance to volunteer at a conference where I could engage with individuals from diverse backgrounds sounded like an opportunity not to be missed. I had never heard about the MANRSS conference before and thought it could be a good opportunity for me to go out and spread word about plant sciences. My experience at the volunteering was phenomenal. Talking about science and plants and explaining all the benefits of the plant science got me thinking why I do what I do.

I get to meet old acquaintances, make new friends, and form connections. This was unique experience for me. I have attended multiple big conferences such as American Society of Plant Biologists, American Society of Weed Science but attending MANRSS was different. I got to talk to undergraduate students, high school students, teachers, career guidance, graduate students, and startup owners coming from different backgrounds. Along with Marcia and Carolina, while hosting the booth I get to know more about the ROOT & SHOOT program and was so happy about the steps that have been taken to improve inclusion. Having a keen interest in promoting diversity, the opportunity to attend MANRSS was great experience, especially when promoting plant sciences.

Thanks to the support from ROOT & SHOOT, I got to be part of such big conference and talk to anbroader audience and promote plants science. I had unforgettable time at the conference and would consider volunteering for ROOT & SHOOT again if any such opportunity arrives.

[Photo ID: From left to right: Mohit Mahey, Carolina Ballen-Taborda, Marcia Puig-Lluch. Three smiling people standing behind a table with a ROOT & SHOOT banner. The table is covered with flyers and giveaways.]

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