The Inclusive STEM Teaching Project is a 6 week course designed to advance the awareness, self-efficacy, and the ability of faculty, postdocs, and doctoral students to cultivate inclusive STEM learning environments for all their students and to develop themselves as reflective, inclusive practitioners.

This is a free, online course (run through edX) that provides an excellent overview of inclusive STEM teaching. We highly recommend this course to all who teach or might teach.

The course runs from Oct 2 to Nov 21, 2023. Register here

Participants in this course will…

  • Examine issues of diversity, equity and inclusion in higher education
  • Reflect on their own and their students’ identities and experiences
  • Question their assumptions about all aspects of instruction
  • Identify and implement learner-centered structures and strategies
  • Apply principles of evidence-based inclusive teaching
  • Use their student learning data and feedback to inform pedagogical and curricular choices
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