The NSF-funded ROOT & SHOOT Research Coordination Network (RCN) brings together six plant science organizations and partners to leverage the influence of professional societies to effect cultural change in plant science. The RCN seeks to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in the plant sciences and to remove barriers for individuals historically excluded from science.

The Corteva Symposia Series is a global network of student-organized and driven scientific symposia. The series provides a unique opportunity for students to plan, host and participate in events, tailored to their areas of interest, which include experts from the public and private sectors.

Together, the ROOT & SHOOT RCN and Corteva are co-sponsoring an online student-led Symposia Series on Cultivating a Culture of Inclusive Excellence in Plant Science

We envision four 1.5-2 hour virtual sessions kicking off this September and running into early 2025. 

We are seeking 5-7 student volunteers to organize these sessions. 

  • The organizers (undergraduate, graduate, and PhD students) will have the flexibility to determine the topics and structure (discussion/breakout rooms, panels, student presentations, etc.) of each session, but we would ask that the overall theme be on creating an inclusive culture and climate in the plant sciences. 
  • Suggested topics include a discussion on how identities impact science, methods for inclusive teaching, highlighting indigenous knowledge, and how to cultivate inclusive labs. 
  • Corteva scientists will work closely with the students, providing them with key organizational and management skills.
  • ROOT & SHOOT will provide a $400 stipend to each volunteer for their time and effort. 

If you are interested in volunteering to organize this symposia, please fill out this application by Friday, August 16.


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